In Google Scholar, we collected the number of citations per decade to the most cited publication of UTP (see the previous post), Is Consciousness a Brain Process? from 1956.

The number of citations is still growing. The number of non-English citing publications is in the present century growing faster than the number of English citing publications.

We compared the number of citations to Place (1956) with the number of citations to Smart’s (1959) Sensations and Brain Processes. It is generally believed that Smart (1959) started the interest in Place (1956).

Both papers received the same number of citations in the sixties and seventies. This changed in the eighties: the Smart article became more popular. In this century, the growth of citations to Smart (1959) is higher than that to Place (1956). For both articles, the number of citations is growing faster for non-English publications.

These graphs show that the issues discussed by Place and Smart in the fifties of the last century are six decades later still highly relevant.

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