References of Place (1966). Consciousness and perception in psychology II.

Place, U. T. (1956). Is consciousness a brain process? British Journal of Psychology, 47, 44-50.
Keywords: mind-brain identity theory, phenomenological fallacy
The revised version from 1997, see download (below), is not published and incorporates revisions proposed in Place (1997g). Publications citing Place (1956): See publications citing 'Is conscious a brain process?'
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Vaughn, C. J. (1964) The development and use of an operant technique to provide evidence for visual imagery in the rhesus monkey under `sensory deprivation' [Doctoral dissertation]. University of Pittsburgh
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Watson, A. J. (1966) Consciousness and perception in psychology I. Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society, Supplementary Vol. XL, 85-100. doi:10.1093/aristoteliansupp/40.1.85 [this doi is for the Supplementary Volume consisting of part I by A.J. Watson and part II by U. T. Place]
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