Publications of Place that refer to Freud (1916). Vorlesungen zur Einführung in die Psychoanalyse (English translation as Introductory Lectures on Psycho-analysis),

Lecture 16: The Mind as a substance (20/2/1974). Section 5
Mental substance. The substantive 'mind' in ordinary language idiom. The reference of the first person pronoun - the Kantian argument. Aristotle's doctrine of substance and the Cartesian argument. Personal identity - the Lockean argument.
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Place, U. T. (1974-02-13). Lecture 15: Mentalism and S-R behaviourism (13/2/1974). Section 4
The relationship between languages at the molar level: the mentalist language of ordinary discourse and the language of stimulus-response behaviourism.
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Place, U. T. (1983d). Skinner's Verbal Behavior IV - how to improve Part IV, Skinner's account of syntax. Behaviorism, 11, 163-186.
Keywords: behavioral contingency semantics, Skinner, verbal behavior
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