The purpose of this site is to make publicly available all the papers that UTP wrote in the fields of philosophy and psychology. After his death, the files on his IBM PC were on his request copied to cd-rom by his son Thomas, who is also the maintainer (admin) of this website. The cd-rom which included an index to all the files was used by Graham George and Elizabeth Valentine to edit a book published by Oxford University Press with “a selection of some of his best papers”, see Graham & Valentine (2004). The book also contains a bibliography of Place’s publications. The bibliography is used as a starting point for this website. It is extended with unpublished papers and with links to the full text. The bibliography on this website also contains abstracts and additional information about the publications.

For the first time, his Amsterdam lectures held in the academic year 1973-1974 become available online. UTP wanted to publish the lectures as a book, but unfortunately, he never got the time (or gave himself the time) to finish the project. Publishing a book was always at the back of his mind. When he heard in December 1998 that he had lung cancer, what he called his Nachlass became a high priority. A new book project was started. Organising his files, making an index to them and copying them to cd-rom with the help of his son were also part of securing his Nachlass. The goal of the book project was to publish all his essential papers because only a few had appeared in mainstream philosophy journals. The project changed from a three-volume book series to a series with even 17 (smaller) volumes. It became clearer that the running theme of all volumes had to be conceptual analysis, which was the foundation of most of his work. I (Thomas) hope to write a post about this on this website’s blog. All the blog posts are (or will be) written by me.

This website is work under construction. Making all papers publicly available is much more work than initially foreseen. Only now that I am retired and stopped consulting university libraries (after my retirement) do I have the time for what I call my 2024 project. On October 24, 2024, we will remember that it has been hundred years ago since Ullin was born. That is the date the project will finish …

All the files on the cd-rom are in WordPerfect. First, the WordPerfect files have to be converted into Word files. A lot of the layout is lost in this process. Recovering the layout and simultaneously understanding the text take time. Later in life, Ullin typed his papers on a PC. But the documents from the pre-digital age were ‘digitised’ by re-typing; Ullin hired a secretary to do the work. The files have to be checked for typing errors. Editing the unpublished material is still more work. Several papers I had to re-type. Re-typing was only possible when I had a (re)print. UTP also changed and edited. I tried restoring the files to (the content, not the layout of) the published versions while keeping the changes so that these changes can be recognised. Other files were layouted by UTP to look exactly like the original publication. In most cases, this was not a real success. Sometimes this was because of the changes due to the conversion from WordPerfect to Word. I decided to publish on this website (in most cases) the author’s version or postprint, the version precisely like the published version but without the publisher’s layout. The last step is to make a pdf and publish the full text on this website.

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