The web site is about publications and in particularly about the publications of one person, Ullin T. Place. But his publications are related to publications of others. One could say the website is a digital library of the publications of Ullin T. Place (UTP).

A publication is represented by metadata and one or more files, mainly PDF files.

The metadata of a publication consists of the following fields

  • identifier (1): unique within the website; at the moment this identifier is list-identifier/html-anchor
  • a description (1) [Note 1]
  • an abstract (0,1)
  • keywords (0 – )
  • see (0, 1): another source of information (e.g., a web page) which represents the present publication
  • reprinted in (0 – ): another publication in which the present publication is reprinted; the other publication is referenced by its description
  • reviewed by (0 – ): another publication that reviews the present publication *
  • see also (0 – ): another publication that is in one way or the other relevant for the present publication *
  • reply to (0 – ): another publication to which the present publication is a reply *
  • replied by (0 – ): another publication which replies to the present publication *
  • referenced by (0 – ): another publication that cites the present publication; same ‘cited by’; only used for a publication by UTP that cites or references the present publication *
  • cited by (0 – ): another publication that cites the present publication; same as ‘referenced by’ *
  • citation (0 – ): a piece of text from the present publication in which a publication of UTP is cited
  • other publication cited (0 – ): other publication of UTP cited by present publication
  • download (0 – ): digital version of the publication; a file represented by an URL; downloads are mainly PDF files, but they can also be all kinds of multimedia; added to a file can be a comment that explains the relation of the file to the publication.

* field consists of identifier of another publication

Following the APA reference style a description consists of

  • Author
  • Date
  • Title
  • Source
  • DOI or URL

A lecture consists of

  • Title
  • Date
  • Content
  • Abstract
  • Download

Blog post


List: an ordered set of entities; an entity can be a publication, blog post, lecture or photograph

The following lists are defined

  • Bibliography: list of all publication of UTP
  • Amsterdam lectures: list of all lectures given by UTP at the University of Amsterdam in 1973/1974
  • Blog: list of blog posts sorted by date, descending
  • Publications referenced by UTP
  • Publications about UTP
  • Per publication of UTP, list of citing publications
  • List of photo’s
  • Literature: list of publications referred to in blog posts or in other pages of the website.

Note 1: (1) means one and not more than one – required, not repeatable; (0, 1) means zero or one – not required, not repeatable; (0 – ) means zero or more – not required, repeatable

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