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The pages described in the next paragraph below and listed above under the menu entry Publications, try as objectively as possible to report on the intellectual legacy of UTP and on the literature that cites his work. In this blog I, Thomas Place, the son of UTP, give additional information and write about the work of my father. This is the first post of the blog. More posts can be found via the right column of this page or below if you are using your phone. You can also browse the blog by clicking the ‘next’ (or ‘previous’) button in the right (left) corner at the bottom of each post.

About the website

This website is dedicated to the intellectual legacy of Ullin Thomas Place (1924 – 2000). To know more about him read his intellectual autobiography, Place (2004), see also this short biography

The purpose of this site is to make publicly available all the papers that UTP wrote in the fields of philosophy and psychology. Graham George and Elizabeth Valentine published in 2004 a bibliography in their book about UTP with “a selection of some of his best papers”, see Graham & Valentine (2004). The bibliography is used as a starting point for this website. It is extended with unpublished papers and with links to full text. The bibliography on this website also contains abstracts and additional information about the publications. There is a separate page with the publications referenced by UTP in his publications and there is another page with references to publications about the person Ullin Place or about one of his publications (critiques, replies, reviews). An enormous project is to keep track of the articles and books citing UTP’s publications. For the first time his Amsterdam lectures from 1973-1974 become available on line.


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