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1999a Ryle’s Behaviorism.pdf954
1999e Token- versus Type-Identity Physicalism.pdf872
1977b Philosophy, Psychology and Philosophical Psychology.pdf764
1956 Is Consciousness a Brain Process.pdf762
1990a E.G. Boring and the Mind-Brain Identity Theory.pdf 615
Chomsky, Place & Schoneberger (2000) The Chomsky-Place Correspondence.pdf563
1954 The Concept of Heed.pdf543
1988b Skinner’s Distinction Between Rule Governed and Contingency Shaped Behaviour.pdf486
1956 1997 Is Consciousness a Brain Process – revised version.pdf482
1995a The Searle Fallacy a Reply to John Beloff and in passing to John Searle.pdf442
1995e Conceptual Analysis and the Concept of Reinforcement.pdf410
1996b Summary of Dispositions A Debate.pdf387
1996j Linguistic Behaviorism as a Philosophy of Empirical Science.pdf364
1992e Behaviorism and Behavior Analysis in Britain.pdf339
1998c Behaviourism and the Evolution of Language.pdf329
1983d Skinner’s Verbal Behavior IV – How to Improve Part IV – Skinner’s Account of Syntax.pdf320
1989d Thirty Five Years On – Is Consciousness Still a Brain Process.pdf315
1987a Skinner Re-skinned.pdf298
1995-6 Symbolic Processes and Stimulus Equivalence.pdf290
1997a Contingency Analysis Applied to the Pragmatics and Semantics of Naturally Occurring Verbal Interactions.pdf279