The twenty most cited publications of UTP according to Google Scholar. Date: 17 December, 2020. h-index = 16; i10-index = 24

TITLE# citations
Is consciousness a brain process? Place (1956)1415
Dispositions: A debate. Armstrong, Martin, Place & Crane (1996)180
The role of the hand in the evolution of language. Place (2000c)91
Intentionality as the Mark of the Dispositional. Place (1996g)90
Skinner’s” Verbal Behavior I”-Why We Need It. Place (1981a)78
Thirty years on—Is consciousness still a brain process? Place (1988a)65
Skinner’s” Verbal Behavior II”-What Is Wrong With It. Place (1981b)53
The concept of heed. Place (1954)46
Materialism as a scientific hypothesis. Place (1960)39
Dispositions as intentional states. Place (1996c)33
Identifying the mind: Selected papers of UT Place. Graham & Valentine (2004)30
The Chomsky-Place Correspondence 1993–1994. Chomsky, Place, & Schoneberger (2000)28
Intentionality and the physical: A reply to Mumford. Place (1999b)27
A radical behaviorist methodology for the empirical investigation of private events. Place (1993c)22
Symbolic processes and stimulus equivalence. Place (1995/6)20
Skinner’s” Verbal Behavior” IV-How to Improve Part IV Skinner’s Account of Syntax. Place (1983d)16
Skinner’s” Verbal Behavior” III: How to Improve Parts I and II. Place (1982)15
Token-versus type-identity physicalism. Place (1999e)13
Two concepts of consciousness: the biological/private and the linguistic/social. Place (1992f)13
Sentence and sentence structure in the analysis of verbal behavior. Place (1998b)12

The top citation years were 2013 (129 citations), 2003 (123 citations) and 2018 (115 citations).

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